Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Quick and simple ...........

Goji and cinnamon nut milk!

·         3 Handfuls of nuts (it’s your choice but I like brazil, walnut and almond – one of each)
·         1 Cinnamon stick
·         1.5 Handfuls of dried goji berries
·         2 Dried vanilla pods (optional)
·         4 Table spoons of local untreated honey (or adjust to taste)
This will make 1.5 litres.

Leave the nuts, goji berries, cinnamon stick (broken up) and optional vanilla pods to soak in water over night in a glass jug. Wash off the nuts and pick out the cinnamon stick, now throw the nuts, goji’s and vanilla pods into a blender adding 1.5 litres of water (recipe can be adjusted for the amount you want) and blend well. Pour the contents through a nut milk bag (linen works too) into a bowl and squeeze until all of the milk is out. Now wash your blender out and pour the milk back in, add all of your little extras (for me it’s just honey on this one, but hey, go nuts!) and blend again. Pour. Enjoy!
 Quick, easy, tasty and the funkiest colour to go with it!

I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you make it even better please be sure to share  : )

Kyle Kendall

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

If you are female you should read this!

 Do you have it?
OK, now this is a big one! Many people have it and do not even know, and if you are a woman you are ten times more likely to have it than men! Why do we not know about this? Does it exist? Many doctors will say no, but the evidence says YES! Very much so! With devastating consequences too. Candidosis is not that rare so don’t be surprised if after reading this article you feel like you know somebody suffering from this, I did. After studying this area I passed the information along with all of my study notes to a friend that always seemed to be ill with many different illnesses and after reading she agreed she had many of the unrelated symptoms and felt Candidosis was what she was really suffering from after countless amounts of doctors said ‘we don’t know what’s wrong’ , although one doctor would have maybe agreed as he did mention good bacteria but in more of a round about, wibbling, I could help you but then you will not buy my drugs kind of way.
Questions you may be asking by now. So what is this then? Is it really that bad? Yes, it is one of the most deliberating immune deficiencies  and nutritional disorders of our time in comes in the names of Candidosis, yeast infection, monilia and thrush. There are that many symptoms of the yeast infection, almost too many to mention; chronic tiredness, cystitis and thrush are the most obvious. There are many problems the sufferer may experience as a result of yeast infection. Here are some of them; constipation, diarrhoea, premenstrual syndrome, fluid retention, uncontrollable mood swings, allergies, anxiety, depression, inability to lose weight, chronic skin problems – including acne, dermatitis and tinea. Every person suffering for candida is a hypoglycaemic which results in cravings for sugar and out of all of these seemingly unrelated symptoms the individual may be experiencing just one or possibly many. Neurotic behaviour can be the result of a severe infection.
 Most alcoholics, M.E sufferers and advanced AID’s sufferers have yeast infection and it is only in the last ten years that the cause has been exposed. Two American doctors pioneered this, they are Dr Orion Truss and Dr William Crook. Their work contained startling findings and the protocol for treating this problem has been independently published       .
Many medicinal practitioners even refuse to accept the existence of Candidosis despite the volumes of evidence to support their findings. Those who suffer the serious symptoms of neurosis  are usually pointed in the direction of a psychiatrist for their ‘mental disorder’ and this is a real tragedy.
A large colony of bacteria populates our colons, these bacteria assist in the final stages of digestion as well as the manufacturing of some B vitamins. 80% of these bacteria are on our side and considered friendly bacteria. Many of these are the same as the culture in some yogurts and go by the name of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, the other 20% are yeast organisms known as Candida Albicans. Yeast is a single cell organism and very interesting too, it is related to moulds and fungi and is neither vegetable nor animal. You must understand that yeast is endogenous to the human body and will be found all over but the colon is the place where it is especially prominent and just like other bacteria yeast has a job to do too. Yeast will take advantage of any chance to reproduce at very high rates; you may call it a highly opportunistic organism. Although the friendly bacteria (Acidophilus, Bifidus, Bulagus and more) will usually keep the growth of the yeast in check along side a healthy immune system. The yeast will multiply when the regulating factors are disturbed. As well as stress the lack of nutrients from our diet will also reduce immune function and set the path for increased yeast numbers. The yeast will be allowed to reproduce at lightening speed if our friendly bacteria are imbalanced in any way. Broad spectrum antibiotics such as Tetracylin and Vybramycin, such as the ones used for nose, throat and ear infections can completely destroy our entire colony of friendly bacteria and leave the yeast intact. Sugar! This is what yeast feed on, and its growth is promoted by dietary yeast from sources such as bread, marmite, alcohol and other fermented products. The problem can also be promoted by the moulds and fungi found in damp bathrooms. Some people suffer from Candidosis some do not, some suffer mildly whilst some greatly, this can be explained by the biochemical individuality, and many of us will be susceptible due to poor diet and antibiotic use.
 At a ratio of 10:1 women suffer with Candidosis more than men. Why? Well, progesterone, a female sex hormone plays a part in this as it is the production of this hormone that favours the growth of yeast. This hormone is also found in the contraceptive pill. The yeast growth is also promoted by other steroids like cortisone, this is usually used for skin problems and asthma. If you have diabetes then you are more susceptible too due to raised blood sugar levels. Other people in high risk include those who are exposed to long periods of antibiotic use for long periods for repeated infections like colds, flu and venereal disease as well as skin conditions. The gut is inoculated with intestinal flora as we pass through the birth canal and the number of good bacteria multiplies as the baby grows. If the mother has thrush at the time of delivery it may be taken on by the baby, if this happens then an early pattern of problems will begin as a result. Because of repeated colds and ear infections young children are often prescribed antibiotics, this too can result in Candidosis with often frightening results. When it comes to the occasional case of mild thrush or cystitis among women it is common, a course of antibiotics will often follow and the problem will correct itself, it will last a while but the balance of yeast will be corrected when the body overcomes infection.
We, the nutritionist, are most interested in helping the moderate to severe cases as the symptoms can become an absolute nightmare for the sufferer, some may even say hell! To have a yeast infection and be diagnosed crazy would be a bit hard to imagine wouldn’t it? Well no, actually. Let me give you an example:
A yeast overgrowth can occur easily in women. If an average age woman lived on a fast food, junk diet, high in fats, sugars and processed grains and suffers a little from stress (sound familiar?) her immune system will be weak, she would not be able to fight of ‘the latest cold’ thus weakening her more. The next step would naturally be a visit to the doctor who would then prescribe her a course of antibiotics which are useless against anything of a viral nature, and they would both know this but the woman would probably not know what else to do. Now with the reduced immunity and absence of lacto bacteria (usually keeping the yeast numbers in check) the yeast will take advantage. Her high sugar diet would not help at all at this point and she begins to fall more ill she would fall back on more sugary/sweet things, and bread. Yeast thrives on sugar and yeasty foods like bread and marmite etc. and now they grow and develop unchecked. Soon the yeast will have multiplied so much they would not be able to find enough food. They would then grow a root like structure (a rhizoid) and burrow through the walls of her intestinal mucosa in the search of nutrients so the precious barrier between the internal and external environments and faeces is compromised. Toxins and macro molecules (proteins especially) slip through directly into the bloodstream and now the real problems begin. Because of her poor resistance she would suffer to some degree from food and chemical intolerance, but this is minor compared to the reactions she will experience from the proteins going directly into her bloodstream. Multiplying yeast can produce 80 different toxins and out of these 10 are proven neurotoxins (poisons which act on the nervous system). The next time she would visit her doctor with a whole load of symptoms (seemingly unrelated), these would include; chronic tiredness, vaginal cystitis or thrush or both, mood swings, sugar cravings, bloating, flatulence and allergies and maybe even skin problems, diarrhoea, constipation, P.M.S, inability to lose weight, depression and hyperactivity. Most of these would be present by now. She may even experience neurotic behaviour if she has developed chronic systemic Candidosis and by now she may even end up being diagnosed as suffering from M.E. Now this woman will begin to think she is going insane or a little mad and her problems would worsen still if she was taking the pill, cortisone or other hormonal therapy. Each time her monthly cycle came around, because of her raised progesterone levels the growth of yeast would be promoted and we have to then suppose that she would return to the doctor with thrush and other unrelated symptoms only for the doctor to give her an antifungal drug, nystatin, mycostatin or milstat or a topical cream containing nystatin. A short course (5-7 days) will often rid the thrush but it will return again next month if she has chronic Candidosis. If the doctor repeats the process it will only have the same results and by now her other symptoms like tiredness, mood swings etc. would be getting worse, at this point she would now definitely be thinking she is going crazy. The doctor will now probably try giving her something stronger like nizerol which would be very damaging to her liver and the doctor will say “this is the last resort”. This would not work either. By now the woman would be getting depressed. The doctor will be out of ideas and his next move would be to refer her to a shrink to deal with her emotional problems. She would have no problem at all with her mental state! She would be suffering from chronic allergies and yeast infection! ……………… This was an extreme case.
Makes you think doesn’t it?
Yeast as an organism is virtually indestructible because of its ability to survive without a cell membrane, I am telling you this because attacking a cell membrane and splitting it open is how most drugs work, as this destroys the organelles inside. However what makes yeast unique is that they can live quite content in a cell wall deficient form and with immunity to the effects of antifungal drugs, they may be supressed by the drug but as soon as the drug is taken away they revert back to normal again, grow roots and become stronger than ever before. There can be the occasion where antifungals can be a worthwhile part of an overall programme but there are methods better suited.
If you think you suffer with Candidosis or no someone who does or just find this subject interesting and want to know what to do next please read my next article ‘Candidosis – what do I do next?’

Kyle Kendall

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Food combining???

What is food combining?
The term food combining means a combination of foods that are compatible together in digestive chemistry. The reason for combining foods correctly is to help the digestive process. Only food that is digested has the capability of nourishing us, there for by applying these fundamental basics nutrition will be improved. Unpleasant symptoms and poisonous by-products are avoided. Indigestion is so common these days it’s almost thought of as normal. Digestive tract diseases are increasing so much that it is becoming a worry; colon cancer is now a major cause of death in western society.
As apposed to using drugs to help ease the symptoms of indigestion would it not make more sense to go straight to the core of the problem? To remove causes and make changes in the everyday diet that will help and favour good digestion. Efficient digestion will also benefit the energy level of the body.
To digest three conventional meals it takes the same energy of eight working hours. So by getting the food combinations correct right from the start makes the digestive task easier for the body which in turn means you will have more energy throughout the day to do whatever you want.
But what are these food combinations we are talking about?

To follow is a list of seven everyday incompatible food combinations and alternatives:
1. Acid/Starch combination.
Baked potato followed by fresh pineapple. Baked potato followed by fresh banana.
2. Protein/Starch combination.
Chicken, potatoes and carrots. Chicken, broccoli and green beans.
3. Protein/Protein combination.
Steak and cheese baguette. Steak and onion baguette.
4. Acid/Protein combination.
Fish with lemon juice/slice. Fish without lemon.
5. Fat/Protein combination.
Eggs fried in vegetable oil. Poached or boiled egg.
6. Sugar/Protein combination.
Grapes and cheese (after meal). Cheese and pineapple.
7. Sugar/Starch combination.
Corn on the cob followed by melon. Corn on the cob followed by an apple.

I know this is a short article and not in depth but if you are interested in your food combinations more information is easy to find on the web.
Your diet should not start with food combining or be based around food combining, this should be used last as your final touches to a diet that already works for you.

Kyle Kendall.

Monday, 4 July 2011

A real Diet takes time.
Over the past twenty years weight reducing diets have become very commercial and fashionable in the western culture. There are so many diets on the market now claiming loss of weight quickly, the variety of diet and the claims made are astonishing.
99% of new dieters either fail or give up before getting to their target weight, which should tell you something about these diets. Fasting diets are not the best choice for quick weight loss either, in fact, in some cases it is very dangerous to go on such diets. Just think about this for a second, it took a long time to become overweight and to accumulate all this excess body fat so there for it should take a while to shift this excess weight. Making sense?
So why do most of these fast weight reducing diets not work? The slowing of your metabolism is a start, the concept of dieting is not understood by your body. Dieting is actually recognised by the body as a sign of starvation and starts to protect its accumulated fat stores. Our metabolic rate (the rate at which calories are burned) automatically drops to save as much fat in the body until the starvation period is over, and thus making the excess weight extremely hard to shed, and worse still, the lowering of the metabolism can continue beyond the dieting period, resulting in the yo-yo effect. The yo-yo effect is when the dieter loses some weight only to rebound to a higher weight than when they started. Some crash dieting stories are true,  yes people have lost 10lb. or 4.5 kg in a week but what they have probably actually lost is fluid and/ or muscle tissue, not fat. Weight loss should be gradual so that the anti starvation trigger is not set in motion. There for restrained eating is not advised as it not only lowers the metabolic rate to save energy, it also sets up to take maximum advantage of any food sources it finds. Binge eating is the most likely end result. When confronted with enormous amounts of delicious food, which remember this person has been deprived of, the body will switch on the anti starvation trigger. The body’s intelligence assumes that this mentioned food may be its only calorie source for a while and will demand a binge! This is not due to lack of will power or gluttony but a built in tendency the body has, to binge after periods of starvation. It is for the same reason refraining from eating or skipping meals during the day is not advised as this will encourage over eating at the end of the day. Binging is not a moral failing; it is a natural biological/physiological response/consequence of stringent dieting.
So remember your diet should be planned carefully and properly for your own specifications consisting of fresh foods, the further you get from processed packaged food the closer you get to yourself.
Crash dieting, skimpy meals and skipping meals will not contribute to permanent weight loss!
If you really are serious about losing weight then maybe you should consider a whole lifestyle change, vegetarianism, veganism, Raw veganism or maybe just dropping the dairy or the red meat. Consider joining groups for support on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. The healthier whole lifestyle change will assure the excess unwanted weight will not return.  

Kyle Kendall.

Small steps to weight loss.
To follow are some examples of small changes that can get you started on the road to a healthier you.                                                              Standard diet/Adjusted diet.

Day 1
·         07.45 – Coffee with full fat milk (ffm) and 2 white sugars.
·         08.00 – Coco pops with ffm. 1 glass of water.
·         10.00 – Packet of crisps and can of cola. Coffee with ffm and 2 white sugars.
·         12.00 – Chocolate muffin. Fried chicken and chips. Can of cola.
·         15.00 – Sausage roll and orange juice.
·         18.00 – Fried steak, onions and chips. Piece of cake. Orange juice. Tea with ffm and 2 white sugars.
·         21.00 – Milk chocolate bar. Hot chocolate made with ffm.

Day 2
·         07.45 – Coffee with ffm and 2 white sugars.
·         08.00 – Sugar puffs with ffm. Glass of water.
·         10.00 – Packet of crisps and can of cola. Coffee with ffm and 2 white sugars.
·         12.00 – Chocolate ├ęclair and bacon sandwich on white bread. Can of cola.
·         15.00 – Packet of crisps. Apple juice.
·         18.00 – Home made curry with full fat cream and a small apple pastry. Orange juice. Tea with ffm and 2 white sugars.
·         21.00 – Milk chocolate bar. Cup of tea with ffm and 2 white sugars.
Day 1
·         07.45 – Coffee black and agave.
·         08.00 – Bran flakes with skimmed milk (skm). Glass of water.
·         10.00 – Piece of fruit and fresh fruit juice. Coffee with skm and agave.
·         12.00 – Low fat cake slice. Chicken breast sandwich on wholemeal bread. Glass of fresh orange.
·         15.00 – Carrot sticks and low fat dip. Glass of fresh orange juice.
·         18.00 – Grilled steak and onions with boiled potatoes. Glass of apple juice. Green tea.
·         21.00 – Dark chocolate (70% cocoa) bar. Low fat hot chocolate with skm.

Day 2
·         07.45 – Coffee black and agave.
·         08.00 – Porridge oats with  skm and chopped banana. Glass of water.
·         10.00 – Piece of fruit and fresh fruit juice. Coffee with skm and agave.
·         12.00 – Marsh mallows and vegetarian bacon on wholemeal bread. Glass of fresh orange juice.
·         15.00 – Cucumber sticks with low fat dip. Glass of apple juice.
·         18.00 – Home made chick pea curry with Greek yogurt. Live fruit yogurt. Glass of water. Green tea.
·         21.00 – Dark chocolate bar (70%) cocoa. Green tea.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


 Recipes and mini article.

Supershake one;  2 bananas, 1 pint nut milk, half tsp. carob powder, 2 tbsp. raw cocoa powder, Tbsp. local untreated honey, 2 scraped vanilla pods. (Plus any extras).

Supershake two;  1 pint nut  milk, 1 banana, 2 soaked dates, 2 tbsp. raw cocoa powder, 2 tbsp.  Agave,  2 scraped vanilla pods, 1 portion raspberries. (Plus any extras).

Extras e.g.  Siberian  ginseng.  Cocoa butter.  Coconut oil. Cordycep. Reishi. ORMUS. Spirulina. Hemp protein  powder.  Aloe Vera.  Bee pollen.    This is only a short list of what could be added in.

Method; first we make the nut milk so you want to take a handful of your chosen nuts (I am terrible for not really measuring things, but that’s part of the fun!) and soak them in your water over night (some nuts need less time but my favourite, almonds, they will be fine to soak over night). After they have soaked for six or more hours drain them off and throw the soaked nuts into the blender, add one pint of the water of your choice and blend until it looks like cows milk, then a little bit more, then pour through a nut milk bag (easily available on net) and once solids removed pour back into blender (or alternatively put it in the fridge to chill and enjoy on its own) add the other ingredients, (plus a few ice cubes if you want it chilled) blend again until it has a lovely creamy smooth consistency, pour and enjoy!

Now these really are super shakes! Not only is the taste heavenly but what they do for you can be life changing depending on the extras you decide to add, but do not worry about those little extras right now as the base ingredients are pretty amazing too, lets take a look ………….. The nut milk is a good place to start. Depending on what nut you choose to use will alter the qualities of the shake, my personal favourite is almond, they are a rich source of vitamin E, B vitamins, monounsaturated fat, essential minerals and dietary fibre, the almond is also said to improve skin complexion, the movement of food through the bowls and the prevention of cancer, oh yes, and they taste great as milk! The more nuts you use the creamier the milk will be. Now for the bananas, as you know these are packed with energy, they are rich in potassium and contain large amounts of tryptophan, (potassium is linked with water retention, kidney function and insulin secretion and much more. Tryptophan is a building block for protein and along with much more it helps manufacture antibodies) Banana’s are used to treat hypertension and detoxify the body but in this Supershake they also work extremely well as a thickener and sweetener, an alternative to this would be soaked dates or if you have a really sweet tooth and are quite daring why not try them both together. The raw cocoa powder is the daddy of all superfoods for me though with its highest levels of vitamin C in the world and highest antioxidant levels too! THE DADDY! Let’s move on to carob powder, it is made from the dried gum of the evergreen tree native to Mediterranean countries, its flavour is similar to cocoa and is often used as a substitute for people who are allergic to chocolate, its gum is rich in natural sugars, calcium and minerals. Honey is up next, now this is pretty amazing stuff! The best honey to use would be raw, untreated, local honey. Honey is a great substitute for sugar and it is not only sweeter than sugar but is also absorbed more quickly. The combination of simple sugars; glucose, fructose, sucrose and maltose is what creates the sweetness, but its not all sugars though there are B vitamins, minerals and plenty of enzymes in there too. Unlike refined sugar honey will not upset the body’s mineral balance. For hundreds of years honey has been used to treat many things including sore throats, high blood pressure and constipation as well as having calming effects too, amazed yet? David Wolfe says the longest living people were bee keepers, first it was thought to be related to being stung but was later realised to be down to the honey. Always try to make your choice local honey as it will be made from your local pollens which may also help with allergies such as hey fever. Truly amazing! If you want to add a great sweet flavour in next it has to be vanilla, derived from orchids native to Mexico. It is the second most expensive spice after saffron (In your local supermarket you may get two pods for just less than two pounds so I would suggest the net where I managed to find a hundred vanilla pods for nine pounds). Along with their bundles of antioxidants the raspberries (or blueberries etc.) add a lovey fruity twist. This only leaves water but I will not go on about it as water would be another article on its own but I will say this, the better the water the better the shake! (For a little more on water see, you are what you’ve eaten?)
I will leave the extras for you to search in your own time or when you are ready to add them in to your own Supershakes, and when you do please put up your good recipes and discoveries for me to read, try and enjoy J Thanks.

Kyle Kendall


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Why go without?
So why should we go without?......... We shouldn’t. The answers you are looking for cannot be found in taking away, well, maybe a little later on but for now adding the missing ingredients will do just fine.
Ok, so your current diet is rubbish and gives you little to no nutritional value what so ever but you like it and you do not want to say goodbye to all of your favourite little goodies and treats that cheer you up on a hard day or the fish and chips on a rainy night or even the doner kebab after the pubs turn out and that’s not to mention the alcohol, but do not panic, there is a solution, on your road to a happier and healthier lifestyle why not take the first step using a different approach, instead of starting the new you by joining the local gym or rushing down to the local pool with those speedo’s that were still in fashion the last time you did a few lengths or something even more drastic like giving up the booze lets try thinking about what’s missing and throw them into the mix. Sound good? Thus, the end result being, yes you do have a lot of rubbish floating around in your body doing plenty of harm but you are not lacking in anything anymore, or to be safe, you are lacking in much less than before. By this time you will have started noticing some changes in your everyday health for example, you may have more energy, clearer thinking, better skin, happier mood or better sleeping and these are only a short list of many early on experiences from just throwing into the mix. It is at this point when your body has been topped up with all the missing ingredients (after the detoxifying of course) and the addition of some really magical ingredients that your body didn’t even know existed you should start the consideration of maybe lessening some of the baddies (refined sugar, table salt, saturated fats, caffeine, alcohol and some of the deadly additives mentioned in you are what you’ve eaten) but hey, lets get back to adding in.
This is an exciting moment because I am not about to babble on about who’s supplements to buy or try to sell you anything, I’m going to open up your mind a little to what is out there, some unbelievable and many un-marketed and un-advertised life changing gems. There’s so many it is hard to know where to start but I think we should begin with the stuff you probably hear everyday but goes in one ear and out the other, yes you got it, the five a day thing. OK this is a good idea but why not have eight a day or even ten a day, that would be better than you would in not? I mean a variation of ten different fruits all with their own distinctive powers of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and bundles of living enzymes would be better for you wouldn’t it? Yes! Of course! But who can be bothered or even have the time in their busy daily schedule to stop and eat ten pieces of fruit? Well, there is a solution for this too – squash it! I do not mean jump up and down on it but put it through a juicer, when juiced with all of the fibre removed it will be in your bloodstream within minutes! And not only fruit of course, you can make green juices too from fresh vegetables, Kristen Suzanne calls this plant blood! This has some amazing powers of its own! (By the way, for those of you that do not have a juicer and it is not convenient to pop out and purchase one the good news is that you can use a blender, just blend the fruit into a smoothie and then pour it into a nut milk bag, this is a bag made from a fine grade mesh, very cheap and widely available on the net, squeeze all of the juice into the bowl then wash the bag out, this will just be fibre, and put the juice through one more time. If you do not have a blender/ blitzer/ smoothie maker then they too are very affordable and easily available.) As this juice has been freshly made, (even better if from you’re your own garden like apples, blackberries, pears, plums etc. Or your neighbours he he) it has not been through any heating process, has no preservatives added and has not been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long and was used in its prime, healthy living state it will contain all of its wonderful properties. By leaving the fibre in, the drink will become more filling and the goodies will be released a little slower. The fibre is good for those of you trying to lose weight, try a smoothie for breakfast and the fibre will fill you up until lunch but at no cost of calories. The smoothie makes a great breakfast, snack or pudding too but for the WHACK! There’s my five a day in 30 seconds flat – it’s got to be the juice option. (You’re five a day should be a balanced mix of fruits and vegetables).
 Right, now that’s out of the way let’s tickle the surface of the fun, out there and the slightly controversial areas of a happy healthy lifestyle. Let’s begin with the fun. Everybody loves chocolate right? Well at least everybody that’s not allergic to it anyway. Chocolate comes from a nut, and in its Raw form(Raw cocoa) it has the highest vitamin C content in the world and highest antioxidant levels in the world among many other amazing stats. Why not add some of these amazing powers into your life by trying one of the supershakes out and experiment with flavours (please post your recipes on the wall when you find a good one) other fun things to add in may be – bee pollen, local honey, carob powder, cocoa butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, the list goes on so be creative!
Now for the out there bit, well let me think for a minute. . . . . . . . . . I know, how about the cordycep mushroom? Heard of this? For those of you who have not, the spores of the cordycep mushroom blow across the Himalayan Mountains landing on the heads of caterpillars, burrowing down and growing inside the caterpillar until finally bursting out of the caterpillar’s head and fruiting into a mushroom! (the cordycep will pop out of many different hosts!) Far out enough for you? The mushrooms eventually dry and the caterpillar along with mushroom out of his head become covered with Himalayan dust until they are collected in the millions by the locals and sold for a high price. Now the benefits of these bad boys are amazing but for now I will let you search cordycep on your favourite search engine and believe me these little guys are pretty special. There may be something on these in the future from myself on here too.

And now for my favourite – the slightly controversial! There’s an old saying that goes, the more colour on your plate the healthier the meal, now this is spot on, these colours are pigments made up from antioxidants which are amazing themselves but, how do you get more? There must be a way to get more vibrant fruit and veg? More colour? Which in turn means more goodies! Well, there is but fortunately it does a lot more than that!  What I am referring to is ORMUS. I must apologise in advance for the next bit as it is full of technical doo dah but although it may seem a little boring the information here is out of this world, literally!
What if I told you these elements can communicate with each other, they have been referred to as ‘a material of great magic (by Laurence Gardner),it can be heavier than the gold it was made from but at the same time lighter than a feather and is heavily linked to light, enlightenment, knowledge, anti aging and wisdom. Sound interesting? Wondering why you have never heard of this before? Yes, I did too! Well here goes…..  ORMUS is an orbitally rearranged monatomic element. It can begin with gold and once it has gone through its heating process it becomes a white powder, this white powder is no longer gold when tested but still has the atoms of gold, these are now referred to as high spin elements, Laurence Gardner says “the reason they are high spin elements is because the way the nucleus is shaped and the way that the electrons spin around, it changes. Its gold in a shocked state that says I don’t know what I am anymore and just falls apart”, he then goes on to say “It’s a very strange and unique form of silica now”, and finally he says “The only things that are metal now are the little bonds that holds the atoms together.” Now these little guys are impressive as they can communicate with each other, resonate with DNA (because of this scientists have referred to it as ‘the light of life’) and attract energy, in fact when it comes to communication ORMUS are special as they can communicate to each other from light years apart.Using super conducting elements like these we are able to make machines smaller than ever imagined, just over ten years ago in Huddersfield university England a small computer was made with the use of monatomic elements, small enough to be carried in an ants mouth and far more powerful than anything you’ve ever used and today these computers are one hundred times more powerful and ten times smaller. (Using this technology we can now get four thousand million transistors on a single silicon chip, this chip is one million times smaller than a human hair. Laurence Gardner) But it’s not all science you know, here is a quote from David Hudson known by many as the originator of the term Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements; "They claimed that it perfects the cells of the body. Well I can show you tomorrow Bristol-Myers-Squib research that shows that this material inter-reacts with DNA, correcting the DNA. All the carcinogenic damage, all the radiation damage, all is corrected from these elements in the presence of the cell. They don't chemically inter-react with it, they just correct the DNA.
This is not an anti-anything. This is not anti-aids. This is not anti-cancer. This is pro-life. It literally is the spirit. The material is not here to cure aids. The material is not here to cure cancer. The material is here to perfect our bodies. It makes our bodies be in the state they are supposed to be in. It is our own immune system that fights and cures the disease. If you can correct your DNA at every cell in your body. If you can correct the damage that's been done that brought about the cancer, if you can correct the damage that has been brought about by the virus; the aids you literally will become a perfected being. You will return back to the original healthy state you were meant to be in."
ORMUS is no new thing either for it has been documented in ancient Egypt, they called this mufkut. It is in the bible, Moses burn’s the gold calf into white powder and feeds to the Israelites. In Mesopotamia they called it shaman and the Alexandrians called it the paradise stone.
 “Whatever the name they all said this was a powder of mysterious projection.”                        (Laurence Gardner)  
Sound good? Well why not throw a little ORMUS into your diet and see for yourself. There are many easy to find ORMUS products on the web but for those of you that want to add it into your eating to here’s a list of foods you may want to add to your shopping list. If you do not have shops around you that sell these good they too are easy to find on the net. (List from www.wellbuzz.com)
Ormus-rich plants and edibles include:

•Aloe vera
•Apricot kernels (the inner pit of the stone)
•Bee pollen (wild, especially from volcanic regions)
•Blue-green algae from Klamath Lake, Oregon
•Carrots (depends on the Ormus content of the soil)
•Chamae Rose
•Chocolate (organic chocolate contains Ormus nickel according to MiraculeWater.com)
•Coconut water (wild)
•Flax oil
•Goji berries (in the polysaccharides)
•Grasses and grains (if grown with diluted ocean water or with the proper fertilizer; grasses and grains include wheat, barley, corn, rice, sugar cane, etc.)
•Grape seeds
•Honey (wild, especially from volcanic regions)
•Larch bark
•Medicinal mushrooms (reishi, cordyceps, coriolus, Fomes fomentarius, shiitake, maitake, etc.)
•Mustard (brown and stone-ground as reported by MiraculeWater.com)
•Noni fruit
•Royal jelly
•Sheep sorrel
•Slippery elm bark
•St. John’s Wort
•Vanilla (whole beans)
•White pine bark
(List from www.wellbuzz.com)

If you decide throwing it all in and mixing it all up a little is for you and become a nutritional DJ over the next few weeks please put your experiences here for us to read J
Kyle Kendall.

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; It is because we do not dare that they are difficult.


Friday, 1 July 2011


By Kyle Kendall
You are what you eat! Today it is said so often by so many people, but do we really know how true this statement is? You are what you eat – does this mean if you eat a lot of burgers you will turn into a burger? Or if you eat a lot of vegetables you will start sprouting? No, it doesn’t, this statement needs to be taken literally, perhaps more like you are what you’ve eaten.  Please let me explain. . . . . . . .

To put it quite simply, the food we eat is broken down into tiny building blocks, which are then built back up into human tissue. Like I said; ‘you are what you’ve eaten’. David Wolfe puts it perfectly when he says ‘’the food we eat creates the tissues of our bodies, the energy of our bodies and deliberately effects the quality of our thoughts.’’ Take a minute to think about this statement, the food we eat creates the tissues of our bodies, so if what we’re putting in our mouths is processed foods with additives, flavourings, colourings, enhancers, stabilisers, preservatives, hormones, steroids, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, fast food high in fat, sugar, salt and MSG then the body has nothing else that it can build new tissue from except the building blocks that you have supplied, and in this example they are not the best choice of building blocks. If this was to be your diet then you would actually be built from this! You are what you eat!  You are what you’ve eaten!

‘’We must make nutrition the primary prevention strategy for the global population and we have to be as zealous on nutrition as we apparently are on global warming. What we have to do is persuade the public you are what you eat, food can change your mood and you are everything you have ever done to yourself.’’ (Philip Day. Investigative journalist and author.)

Food really does matter. In these modern times with our fast food restaurants, takeaways , microwave meals and processed packaged snacks at every corner we turn, it is easy to forget how important food is, and not just this but also how powerful food is. Hippocrates, ‘the godfather of modern medicine’ said ‘’let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine.’’  He truly believed that the body had an innate power to heal itself from all illness. He’s not the only one, there are many people out there right now curing people of all types of illnesses using only nutrition, no modern medicine what so ever and with shockingly exceptional results in all areas.

In America, Dr Gabriel Cousins has been having great success for many years curing diabetes using a raw vegan based diet in which people are switching from their ‘standard American diet, S.A.D’ (Kristen Susanne. Raw chef and author.) consisting of convenience food, takeaways, fast food, chocolate, crisps, pastries and general junk food, to a Raw vegan diet consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, no meat, no dairy, no sugar and nothing heated above 44 degrees Celsius, (although this temperature fluctuates between sources) hence the name Raw vegan diet. Dr Cousins is reversing diabetes type 2 and type 1 in an amazingly short period of time. He has a documentary available on the internet called ‘Simply Raw – raw for 30 days.’ In this video you can see with your own eyes people changing from a situation they thought they would be in forever to a happier, healthier, medication and illness free lifestyle in only 30 days. This is the power of food!

 But is it because the food is not cooked?

 Results from studies done in the early 1900s on cooked foods showed that when cooked food enters the body the body goes into a state called ‘digestiveluekocytosis’ this means your body is seeing this food as an enemy and attacking it. The body attacks it by releasing white blood cells, thus if the body is always busy attacking the food we eat then it cannot do what it is meant to, and after a lifetime or even generations of eating cooked food, who knows what that actually is? Well, all you need to do to find out is not heat your food above 44 degrees Celsius. The reason food is not heated above 44 degrees is because at this temperature the living enzymes in your food die. Yes, you have living enzymes! Your food is full of them! Well ‘real’ food anyway. The enzymes are otherwise known as ‘little workers ‘and they are not only believed to be very important to life but absolutely essential. Food containing live enzymes may be referred to as Raw, live, or enzymatic food.

It doesn’t stop there; another programme that is thriving is ‘The Gerson therapy.’ This is a non-profit organisation working with cancer, among many other illnesses and with excellent results. The diet used in the Gerson therapy was created by Dr Max Gerson in the early 1900s, he actually created this diet for migraines but to his amazement it not only cured migraines but also diabetes, tuberculosis, cancers and just about everything else. He conducted an experiment with 450 patients suffering from tuberculosis and cured 446 of them before he went on to curing cancer patients using the same diet. There was a lot of controversy over this and eventually in 1958 Dr Max Gerson was poisoned and whilst ill had all of his journals stolen. He nursed himself back to health and re-wrote his book ‘A cancer therapy – results of 50 cases.’ One year later Dr Max Gerson was poisoned again with arsenic, but this time did not survive.

 Today his legacy lives on through his daughter Charlotte Gerson, who carries on his work in Mexico curing numerous cancer patients, including many who the medical system had given up on and been told ‘’there’s nothing we can do.’’ Well, now you know Dr Max Gerson was a great man that only wanted to help the world, you know the diet cures many illnesses and you know Charlotte Gerson is still using this diet today with amazing effects, but I bet you’re wondering what this diet is? Well it’s based around our little friends again – enzymes. The Gerson therapy diet offers jacket potatoes, homemade soups and a few more cooked dishes, but is heavily influenced by the Raw vegan diet again, allowing an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, (all organic of course, the last thing the body needs when healing is a heavy dosage of pesticides and many other deadly chemical cocktails). The method of delivery chosen by the Gerson therapy is freshly squeezed juice, 13 glasses every day to be exact, these are made from freshly juiced carrots and apples. That’s an enormous amount of fresh organic fruit and veg consumed every day in juice alone.

If enzymes are so important, then you can see how this diet works so well can’t you? By juicing, you not only make it possible to take in the nutrients from an otherwise nearly impossible amount to eat, but it also works like an express delivery system, because it has been stripped of every bit of fibre in your cells within minutes, now that’s quite amazing, isn’t it? That means you can literally start your healing process and start living your new energetic, healthier life in just minutes!

 But there’s something to think about first, before loading your body with wonderful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, are you already full of toxins? I mean, you are what you’ve eaten, right? And if your diet is pretty similar to the S.A.D diet mentioned earlier then you may have quite a build-up.

The Gerson therapy has an answer for this and that is the organic coffee enema, for those of you who are wondering what this is, it involves brewing organic coffee in spring/mineral water and bringing it down to body temperature. This will be poured into an enema bag and gravity fed through a tube into the anal cavity. When one litre is inside you may remove the tube and hold in for around 15 minutes. In this time the solution will empty bile sacks, purify the blood and clean the walls of the colon. This technique of discharging bile, purifying human blood and cleaning walls is so efficient at removing toxins from the body that the Gerson therapy not only cure many people of a wide range of diseases including diabetes and cancer, but they also cure drug addicts and alcoholics too. By removing such an enormous amount of toxins left behind from the substance you are trying to rid heavy cravings are much less likely, making the ‘ditching’ whatever it is much more likely.

In the words of Dr Max Gerson ‘’it’s the doctors duty to activate end reactivate the body’s healing mechanisms, then the patients heal and it doesn’t matter what you call the disease.’’ Colon therapy can also be carried out using spring water alone; a cousin of David Wolfe lost 150lbs in 18 months on a Raw food programme. He moved his toxicity through his bowls, with 12 movements a day! He actually lost 15lbs in one day! David Wolfe recommends hydro colon therapy as opposed to letting all of those toxins exit through the skin, he says ‘’you want them to exit through the bowls.’’

Now you know you really are what you eat and how essential enzymes and a good diet is, but what is a good diet? What is good food? What is bad food? To follow is a list of good foods and bad foods and some of the roles they play in the body. (taken from Dr Gillian McKeith’s book – you are what you eat.)

Protein – Protein is used for building muscle tissue. Good protein – Vegetable protein is easily broken down and digested in the body. Hemp is an excellent source of vegetable protein as is sprouted seeds, along with many others. Bad protein – If your digestive system is week or just not as strong as it should be then protein from red meats is going to be difficult to break down, cow’s milk is also difficult for most people to digest, it’s very high in saturated fat, low in vitamins and the mineral content is out of balance with human biochemistry.

Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are used by the body for energy as well as brain function and mood attitude. Good carbs – Rice, grains, fruit, vegetables and wholegrain bread. These healthy carbohydrates without added refined sugar and otherwise known as complex carbohydrates, they contain natural sugars easily used by the body. Bad carbs – These include cakes, biscuits, chocolates, sweets and anything with refined sugar, flour or processed white rice. Dr Gillian McKeith says ‘’If you want to be fat and ill, eat bad carbs.’’ Eating bad carbs can lead to the storing of carb residues as fat and in turn could lead to diabetes.

 Fats - Some are essential, some are deadly, a confusing area. Good fats - These will lower cholesterol, boost immunity, nourish the reproductive organs, skin hair and bone tissue and lubricate the body. These fats are so important they called them ‘essential fatty acids’ (EFA’s) Dr Gillian McKeith refers to them as ‘essential thinny acids.’  A few good sources of these fats are seeds – sunflower, flax and pumpkin, sea vegetables, fish, avocado’s and olives. Bad fats - The effects of these fats can be fatal! 
These are heavy fats that turn hard, block arteries and put you at risk of heart attacks and strokes. These are of course saturated fats. The best place to find these bad fats are cheese, red meat, pork and dairy products. But by far the worst source of possible early grave is hydrogenated vegetable fat. This is a result of a process that hardens liquid vegetable oils. These hydrogenated vegetable fats turn into even more dangerous Trans fatty acids which have been shown to cause heart disease, diabetes and cancer. These bad fats also deplete good cholesterol and increase the bad. Still fancy a little margarine on your toast? Unfortunately hydrogenated vegetable fat is in a wide range of foods including, chocolate, crisps, sweets, ice cream, pastries and baked goods.

Whilst in the swing of things I would like to mention two more things, they are processed foods and super foods. Let’s start with processed. So what are processed foods? These are foods that have to go through a process before getting to you, like plastic wrapped foods, microwave foods, meal in a tin, supermarket sandwiches, I think you get the picture. This type of food is no good for your body for so many reasons, one being the processing of foods will change the proportions of nutrients within the foods, meaning that by the time it gets to you it has little to no nutrient value whatsoever. Another reason is additives.

 Additives will always be a huge problem with over 3000 allowed by the food industry including sweeteners, flavour enhancers, nitrates, nitrites, preservatives, bleaching agents and the lists goes on, but are they all safe? Were told they are. When these little beauties find their way into our bodies from our ‘convenient’ foods they can cause allergic reactions, stress on the liver to produce such chemicals, many of which are cancer forming.

 Right now in today’s society with everything at our fingertips it’s never been easier to make better choices about our general health. In the words of David Wolfe ‘’Its either going to be this then we eat or its going to be this then we eat, this could be the most horrid chemical soup of all time or it could be the most extraordinary superfood of all time and it’s the same amount of work to get it into our mouths.’’ What will you choose?

That brings me to superfoods. What constitutes a superfood? Dr Gillian McKeith says ‘’Superfoods are the most powerful nutrient-dense foods on the planet, and they have virtually no calories, no bad fats or nasty substances.’’ So what are these superfoods? Well there are quite a few so lets put them into categories, green superfoods, bee superfoods, herb-superfoods, sea vegetables, leafy superfoods and sprouts. It would take too long to go into each category in detail but I will list some of the foods for each category for the benefits of your next shopping list.

Green superfoods – Spirulina, chlorella, wild blue/green algae, barely grass, wheat grass and alfalfa grass.

Bee superfoods – Royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis.

 Herb-superfoods – Nettle, aloe Vera, Echinacea, astragals, and Siberian ginseng.

 Sea vegetables – Dulse, nori, kelp, arane, wakame and hijiki.

Leafy superfoods – There is so many, but here is a handful – Kale, chicory, lettuce, watercress, and Swiss chard.

Sprouts – Again, there are so many, but here are a few – Alfalfa, buckwheat, lentil, mung, adzuki and clover.

For me and many others, the absolute king of all superfoods must be cocoa, not in the processed and destroyed state we are all seeing but it its Raw state, because for those of you that did not know, cocoa comes from a nut, and quite an amazing one at that. Cocoa has the highest vitamin C content in the world as well as the highest antioxidant levels in the world! WOW! I know, and there’s so many more punches packed in this nut, it has the highest levels of magnesium and chromium, possibly the highest levels of manganese, zinc and copper. These benefits only come from the product being in its raw state.

There are so many of these amazing food stuffs out there that we know virtually nothing about, unfortunately in these modern times inverted values are common place, many people would rather spend their money on fast cars, fashionable clothing and new gadgets than the best superfoods on the planet.
It’s not all about the foods though. Let’s not forget about water, after all we are made up of 50 – 60% of it. Nothing can survive without water and almost nothing takes place in the human body without it playing a role. A 150lb man would be 90lbs of water; that’s about 80 pints. Our blood is comprised of 92% water. Water does everything from carry nutrients to the cells and waste nutrients away via the kidney to aiding the conversion of food to energy to lubrication of body tissues such as the eyes, lungs and air passages, and the list goes on, but before you rush to the tap filling glass after glass of water, now you know how essential to life and important to your well- being water is, you must consider the quality of the water you are putting into your body.

 Tap water will not only be unstructured (Dr Masuru Emoto – Water crystals) but contains many pollutants including chlorine, (which can cause allergies, diarrhoea or depression as well as destroying friendly bacteria – Nutrients A-Z. Dr Michael Sharon) fluoride and anti-corrosion chemicals. Filtering your water would be a great decision as this takes most of the ‘nasties’ out. Bottled water is not the best choice either I’m afraid, despite the great TV ads and marketing, not only is it too unstructured but plastic bottled water has a much worse secret – LEACHING! Have you ever heard of leaching before? If not, then information is easily found on the internet. Leaching is when chemicals used in the construction of plastic bottles are released into the water and thus drank by the consumer. A wide range of tests have been conducted with disturbing results, (check out a documentary on Google video called ‘Tapped.’)

By law, the water companies themselves do not need to provide any results for tests conducted on the water they are supplying and not only that, the tests are conducted by the same companies that sell the water. If your chef was his own hygiene manager, would you be curious about the quality of his kitchen? Now that ice cold bottle of water in the fridge doesn’t seem so appealing and the tap doesn’t look so inviting anymore, you could pop to your local superstore and pick up a water filter or there is another solution.

What if I told you that the best water in the world is free! And by the best I mean clean, pure, mineral rich, hydrogen rich, structured and completely radiation free.
Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not, and all you have to do is devote a little time and effort to finding a source and collecting it, yes I am talking about spring water.
As we all know, no matter how organically foods are grown they will always have some level of pollution/radiation on them from the air as it is always falling, including aluminium!?! (take a look at –‘What in the world are they spraying?’ Google video.) Daniel Vitalis conducted an experiment on water and discovered that it has no radiation at all! It genuinely is the only unpolluted substance left on earth, it would be the purest thing you will ever come into contact with in your lifetime, and you can be made of 50-60% of this. Why would you not want to experience that? If you have no idea where to find a spring try – findaspring.com, created by Daniel Vitalis. Some springs have great access for a car and others involve a hefty trek, so choose wisely and remember it’s not only the best water you can possibly drink but it’s also completely free!

Now you have a good idea about good food and bad food, the importance of water, the amazing healing powers of food, superfoods, enzymatic/live/Raw food and an understanding of my concept – ‘You are what you’ve eaten.’

Now I would like to ‘step outside of the box a little.’ All of us know what being a vegetarian consists of, and most of us know what being a vegan consists of, but what about Raw vegan, fruitarian, juicarian and Breatharian? To follow is a small explanation to each.

Raw vegan – This is somebody who eats the vegan diet but does not heat the food above 44 degrees Celsius in order to preserve all of the living enzymes. Somebody who has taken on this diet but eats Raw animal products/by-products, for example bee superfoods may still be referred to as a Raw foodie.

Fruitarian – This diet includes nothing but fruits. There are enough frutarians in the world right now living perfectly healthy and happy lives to say this diet really works. This is a high fibre, high nutrient diet.

Juicarian – This diet is similar to the fruitarian diet with the exception of fibre as all the fruit is usually pressed and juiced with the fibre stripped. This diet is all about the abundance of nutrients, a flood of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And because the fibre has been taken away these goodies are delivered to your cells in minutes. Juices from vegetables are included too, as is water and sometimes green tea.

Breatharian – now this one seems a little hard to take in but believe me the evidence is overwhelming, you can see it for yourself, just put the word ‘Breatharian’ into your favourite search engine. The Breatharian with the highest profile could possibly be Jericho Sunfire. This diet consists of no food or water, confused? Once the body has been through an enormous amount of changes it starts to produce its own water (although we absorb up to 1.5 litres of water a day through our skin, baths, showers, rain etc.) The body will take the energy from the sun’s rays, like a plant does. It sounds like a tail you would tell your grandchildren but like I said there is a lot of evidence, so you make your own mind up.

Whilst we’re outside the box I would like to mention a few supplements being promoted by David Wolfe. I will only list these few and leave the search to yourselves, or should I say ‘leave you to blow your own minds.’ Marine phytoplankton. MSM. DMSO. And one of the biggest discoveries of all time, even defying all science – ORMUS. All very easily found on Google. Enjoy!

So, you are what you eat, and you know it. Good food is the most amazing thing, as it has the ability to build tissue, create energy, control moods and thoughts, make us immune to disease and connect us back to the earth again.

Let me leave you with something to think about. If what we take into our bodies is broken down and rebuilt into tissue, creating us, ‘you are what you’ve eaten,’ then a Raw vegan/foodie would be built from the most pure living plants and plant products on the planet . . . . . and a Breatharian. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                             . . . . . THE SUN!