Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Food combining???

What is food combining?
The term food combining means a combination of foods that are compatible together in digestive chemistry. The reason for combining foods correctly is to help the digestive process. Only food that is digested has the capability of nourishing us, there for by applying these fundamental basics nutrition will be improved. Unpleasant symptoms and poisonous by-products are avoided. Indigestion is so common these days it’s almost thought of as normal. Digestive tract diseases are increasing so much that it is becoming a worry; colon cancer is now a major cause of death in western society.
As apposed to using drugs to help ease the symptoms of indigestion would it not make more sense to go straight to the core of the problem? To remove causes and make changes in the everyday diet that will help and favour good digestion. Efficient digestion will also benefit the energy level of the body.
To digest three conventional meals it takes the same energy of eight working hours. So by getting the food combinations correct right from the start makes the digestive task easier for the body which in turn means you will have more energy throughout the day to do whatever you want.
But what are these food combinations we are talking about?

To follow is a list of seven everyday incompatible food combinations and alternatives:
1. Acid/Starch combination.
Baked potato followed by fresh pineapple. Baked potato followed by fresh banana.
2. Protein/Starch combination.
Chicken, potatoes and carrots. Chicken, broccoli and green beans.
3. Protein/Protein combination.
Steak and cheese baguette. Steak and onion baguette.
4. Acid/Protein combination.
Fish with lemon juice/slice. Fish without lemon.
5. Fat/Protein combination.
Eggs fried in vegetable oil. Poached or boiled egg.
6. Sugar/Protein combination.
Grapes and cheese (after meal). Cheese and pineapple.
7. Sugar/Starch combination.
Corn on the cob followed by melon. Corn on the cob followed by an apple.

I know this is a short article and not in depth but if you are interested in your food combinations more information is easy to find on the web.
Your diet should not start with food combining or be based around food combining, this should be used last as your final touches to a diet that already works for you.

Kyle Kendall.

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  1. This really feels drastic at the outset when you are used to combining your carbs and proteins. It's kind of like re-starting your "way of cooking" at first. It shook me up a bit and I felt a lot culinary helplessness! Alkaline Foods List