Friday, 1 July 2011

Introduction: So whats this all about?

Dear Readers,
I would like to introduce myself, my name is Kyle Kendall. I grew up in a small village in Hertfordshire, England and being surrounded by nature throughout my whole childhood gave me inspiration and made me a creative person with a lot of questions about the world. I studied to be a bricklayer then applied these skills around the world including Australia and Spain building everything from commercial fast food establishments to bespoke homes. Although always having an interest in staying fit and healthy little did I know that eight years on I would be studying in this field. I am looking for the opportunity to publish some of my findings. During my studying (which will never see end), I started to notice a lot of questions not being answered and a lot of areas not being promoted, this meant I had a lot more questions which in turn meant I had a lot more studying but in areas the mainstream seemed to miss. For example, subjects like calcification, water, nutrient depletion in todays foods, illnesses including diabetes type 2 as well as type 1 and all types of cancers being cured by nutrition, breatharianism, ground breaking supplements, foraging for food and medicine, grounding and body re-alignment. After all, is it not about bringing new information to the world and making it a happier, healthier place?
In these modern times inverted values are common place, the majority of us would rather spend our hard earned money on flashy cars, big houses and new gadgets than the most powerful foods on the planet, or perhaps you had no way of knowing about these foods? In the words of David Wolfe, ‘’Its either going to be this then we eat or its going to be this then we eat, this could be the most horrid chemical soup of all time or it could be the most extraordinary superfood of all time, and it’s the same amount of work to get it into our mouths.’’ He also says, ‘’the food we eats creates the tissues of our bodies, the energy of our bodies and deliberately effects the quality of our thoughts.’’
Each month I would like to go into exactly what these ‘extraordinary superfoods’ are, the effects they have outside and in and much more including life changing, ground breaking and controversial subjects and all for the benefits of your well being.
Well I hope I’ve captured you all and have you curious on what I may present over time.

Kyle Kendall
Dip. Diet and nutritional advisor
Dip. Personal fitness trainer
Active IQ level 2. Gym instructor
Active IQ level 2. Circuit trainer

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