Sunday, 15 April 2012

How to make fresh raw almond milk

Simple Raw Almond Milk


      ·         Almonds

·         Water

·         Dates (optional)


·         Blender

·         Jug

·         Nut milk bag/cloth

·         Bowl


·         Soak the chosen amount of almonds in a jug of water for 6 hours or more (the amount of almonds you use depends entirely on the consistency you require, the more nuts the creamier the milk. I like you use 3 handfuls of almonds for 1 litre of milk).

·         Once soaked well, wash the nuts and throw into the blender.

·         Add water to the required amount, eg. 1 litre.

·         Blend until thick, white and milky. Two blasts of about 30 – 40 seconds does a nice job.

·         Put your nut milk bag/cloth into a bowl (nut milk bags/cloths very easy to buy on the net, ebay, and very affordable. If not a linen pillow case can work nicely too), now pour the milk into the bag.

·         Lift bag and squeeze until all of the milk is out. You will be left with a bag of blended nut, with this you can dispose or make some lovely Raw or just vegan almond cookies J Yum!

·         You can either bottle the milk you have made and save it in the fridge for another time or wash the blender out and start mixing your ‘super shake’ of your choice.

·         If this milk is too bland or you just think it may be a bit nicer sweeter then you can add some dates to it. You do this by soaking the dates for about 20-30 min’s, just until you can pull the skin off. Once skinned throw them in the milk and blend again. Alternatively soak, peel and add to nut and water mix on the first blend. Hey, whatever works for you!

·         Other sweeteners can include; Stevia, Agave, Banana . . . . be creative J

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