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Live Food and Diabetes

Live Food and Diabetes

In America Dr Gabriel Cousens has been having great success for many years curing diabetes using a raw vegan based diet in which people are switching from their ‘standard American diet, S.A.D’ (Kristen Susanne. Raw chef and author.) consisting of convenience food, takeaways, fast food, chocolate, crisps, pastries and general junk food, to a Raw vegan diet consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, no meat, no dairy, no sugar and nothing heated above 44 degrees Celsius, ( although this temperature fluctuates between sources) hence the name Raw vegan diet.

 Dr Cousens is reversing diabetes type 2 and type 1 in amazingly short time. As well as his book ‘There is a cure for diabetes’ he also has a documentary available on the internet called ‘Simply Raw – reversing diabetes in 30 days.’ In this video you see with your own eyes people changing from a situation they thought they would be in forever to a happier, healthier, medication and illness free lifestyle in only 30 days. This is the power of food! But is it because the food is not cooked?

 Results from studies done in the early 1900’s on cooked foods showed that when cooked food enters the body the body goes into a state called ‘digestiveluekocytosis’ this means your body is seeing this food as an enemy and attacking it. The body attacks it by releasing white blood cells, thus if the body is always busy attacking the food we eat then it cannot do what it is meant to, and after a lifetime or even generations of eating cooked food, who knows what that actually is?

 Well, all you need to do to find out is not heat your food above 44 degrees Celsius. The reason food is not heated above 44 degrees is because at this temperature the living enzymes in your food die. Yes you have living enzymes! Your food is full of them! Well ‘real’ food anyway. The enzymes are otherwise known as ‘little workers ‘and they are not only believed to be very important to life but essential. Food containing live enzymes may be referred to as Raw, live, or enzymatic food.

 There are many ways of getting these ‘little workers’ into your daily diet but the easiest still has to be a good old fashioned smoothie, and if you do not want the fibre then freshly juiced fruit is a winner.

If you would like to know more about the work of Dr Gabriel Cousens then the following link will take you to the home page of his website:

In my next article I will look at nutrition as a cure for cancer and a look at the famous Gerson Therapy J

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