Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Nutritional Cure for Cancer

The Gerson Therapy

                                Charlotte Gerson

OK, so the last article showed how powerful good really is when it comes to diabetes but it doesn’t stop there; another programme that is thriving is ‘The Gerson therapy.’ This is a non-profit organisation working with cancer, among many other illnesses and with excellent results.

The diet used in the Gerson therapy was created by Dr Max Gerson in the early 1900’s, he actually created this diet for migraines but to his amazement it not only cured migraines but also diabetes, tuberculosis, cancers and just about everything else. He conducted an experiment with 450 patients suffering from tuberculosis and cured 446 of them before he went on to curing cancer patients using the same diet.

There was a lot of controversy over this and eventually in 1958 Dr Max Gerson was poisoned and whilst ill had all of his journals stolen. He nursed himself back to health and re-wrote his book ‘A cancer therapy – results of 50 cases.’ One year later Dr Max Gerson was poisoned again with arsenic but this time did not survive. Today his legacy lives on through his daughter Charlotte Gerson who carries on his work in Mexico curing many cancer patients, including many who had been given up on by the medical system and been told ‘’there’s nothing we can do.

’’ Well now you know Dr Max Gerson was a great man that only wanted to help the world, you know the diet cures many illnesses and you know Charlotte Gerson is still using this diet today with amazing effects but I bet your wondering what this diet is? Well it’s based around our little friends again – enzymes. The Gerson therapy diet offers jacket potatoes, home-made soups and a few more cooked dishes but is heavily influenced by the Raw vegan diet again, allowing an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, (all organic of course, the last thing the body needs when healing is a heavy dosage of pesticides and many other deadly chemical cocktails.)

The method of delivery chosen by the Gerson therapy is freshly squeezed juice, 13 glasses every day to be exact, these are made of freshly juiced carrot and apple. That’s an enormous amount of fresh organic fruit and veg consumed every day in juice alone. If enzymes are so important then you can see how this diet works so well can’t you.

By juicing you not only make it possible to take in the nutrients from an otherwise nearly impossible amount to eat but it works like an express delivery system, because it has been stripped of every bit of fibre it’s in your cells within minutes, now that’s quite amazing isn’t it? That means you can literally start your healing process and start living your new energetic, healthier life in just minutes!

But there’s something to think about first, before loading your body with wonderful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, are you already full of toxins? I mean, you are what you’ve eaten right? And if your diet is pretty similar to the S.A.D diet mentioned earlier then you may have quite a build-up.

 The Gerson therapy has an answer for this and that is the organic coffee enema, for those of you who are wondering what this is, it involves brewing organic coffee in spring/mineral water and bringing it down to body temperature. This will be poured into an enema bag and gravity fed through a tube into the anal cavity. When one litre is inside you may remove the tube and hold in for around 15 minutes. In this time the solution will empty bile sacks, purify the blood and clean the walls of the colon.

This technique of discharging bile, purifying human blood and cleaning walls is so efficient at removing toxins from the body that the Gerson therapy not only cure many people of many diseases including diabetes and cancer but they also cure drug addicts and alcoholics too. By removing such an enormous amount of toxins left behind from the substance you are trying to rid heavy cravings are much less likely, making the ‘ditching’ whatever it is much more likely.

In the words of Dr Max Gerson

‘’it’s the doctors duty to activate end reactivate the body’s healing mechanisms, then the patients heal and it doesn’t matter what you call the disease.’’

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