Saturday, 5 May 2012

How to Make

 Vegan Massaman Curry

Thai-Indian Curry

This is a wonderful dish straight from May Kaidee’s Thai vegetarian and vegan cookbook. I have eaten at May’s many times and advise any vegan visiting Bangkok or Chiang Mai, Thailand to drop in and taste true Thai cuisine and all vegan! May is a lovely woman with a heart of gold and loves to sing and dance, when you leave this place you leave with another friend. There are cooking classes offered too. Details are listed at the bottom.


·         1 Tbsp oil of your choice

·         1 Small handful each of onions, tomatoes and carrots

·         1 Tsp red chili paste

·         1 and a half tsp curry paste

·         1 cup coconut cream or coconut milk

·         3 Tbsp water

·         1 Tbsp soy sauce mixture

·         2 Tsp sugar (Or agave, I like to use this)

·         1 small handful non-leafy green vegetables

·         1 Tbsp prepared tofu (I skip this one, just as nice without the tofu)

·         1 Tsp lime juice

·         1 small handful cooked sweet potatoes


·         Fry onions, tomatoes and carrots in hot oil and add red chilli paste and curry powder until the paste is fragrant. It may be necessary to add water to avoid burning the paste

·         Add coconut cream and cook until mixture is thick

·         Add soy sauce, one tablespoon of water, sugar (agave*), mixed vegetables and tofu, and mix well

·         Slacken the mixture with further coconut cream and water to the preferred consistency

·         Sprinkle with roasted peanuts, add another dash of coconut cream and serve J

Bangkok – Cooking school and restaurant
33 Samsen Rd, Opposite Soi 2, Watsamphraya, phranakorn, Bangkok 10200

Chiang Mai – Cooking school and restaurant
Old City – 202 Ratchapakinai Rd, Sripoom, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200

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