Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What is MSM?


Methy Sulfonyl Methane

What is it?
MSM is a naturally occurring nutrient, a pure form of organic sulphur that is extremely beneficial and found in every living organism. As well as having the same toxicity as water it has the lowest levels of toxicity in biology. MSM is found in the normal diets of nearly all animals as well as humans, the oceans, rain water and all living things. In the human body sulphur is the fourth most abundant mineral and MSM is 34% sulphur. Despite most first thoughts MSM is white and not yellow in any way which one may expect when thinking of sulphur.
MSM is unrelated to the irritants – common sulphurs, sulphates and sulphites.

What are the benefits of taking MSM?
·         Helps our bodies absorb more vitamins and minerals
·         Helps increase energy
·         Helps to relieve pain
·         Helps dramatically with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
·         Helps the body eliminate toxins from the body including lactic acid after working out
·         Oxygen availability to the body is increased when taking MSM
·         Helps with inflammation from arthritis
·         De-calcification of the bones
·         Great for skin, hair and nails

The above is only a short list of the benefits of taking MSM.

The lowest recommended beneficial amount is 1500mg per day, a good place to start would be one capsule in the morning and one in the evening (but not too late in case of any unwanted energising effects) and build up from there. Although there is evidence of people taking very large amounts (10,000mg daily) with no ill side effects it is recommended that you build up slowly and always read the bottle carefully before taking any supplements.

Is it safe?
MSM is extremely safe, in fact still no side effects were seen after scientists conducted tests using doses as high as 8g per kilo of bodyweight. Although due to its high detoxifying effects one may find it stimulating, it may even produce palpitations and anxiety attacks in some people which is why the dosage must be small to begin with and built upon.

"One of the greatest supplements out there" - David Wolfe

If you are taking any other medication please consult your doctor before adding anything to your prescription medication.

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