Friday, 25 May 2012

What about water?


In the last articles we looked through good foods, bad foods and superfoods but it’s not all about the foods though. Let’s not forget about water, after all we are made up of 50 – 60% of it. Nothing can survive without water and almost nothing takes place in the human body without it playing a role. A 150lb man would be 90lbs of water; that’s about 80 pints. Our blood is comprised of 92% water. Water does everything from carry nutrients to the cells and waste nutrients away via the kidney to aiding the conversion of food to energy to lubrication of body tissues such as the eyes, lungs and air passages, and the list goes on, but before you rush to the tap filling glass after glass of water, now you know how essential to life and important to your well- being water is, you must consider the quality of the water you are putting into your body.

 Tap water will not only be unstructured (Dr Masuru Emoto – Water crystals) but contains many pollutants including chlorine, (which can cause allergies, diarrhoea or depression as well as destroying friendly bacteria – Nutrients A-Z. Dr Michael Sharon) fluoride and anti-corrosion chemicals. Filtering your water would be a great decision as this takes most of the ‘nasties’ out. Bottled water is not the best choice either I’m afraid, despite the great TV ads and marketing, not only is it too unstructured but plastic bottled water has a much worse secret – LEACHING! Have you ever heard of leaching before? If not, then information is easily found on the internet. Leaching is when chemicals used in the construction of plastic bottles are released into the water and thus drank by the consumer. A wide range of tests have been conducted with disturbing results, (check out a documentary on Google video called ‘Tapped.’)

By law, the water companies themselves do not need to provide any results for tests conducted on the water they are supplying and not only that, the tests are conducted by the same companies that sell the water. If your chef was his own hygiene manager, would you be curious about the quality of his kitchen? Now that ice cold bottle of water in the fridge doesn’t seem so appealing and the tap doesn’t look so inviting anymore, you could pop to your local superstore and pick up a water filter or there is another solution.

What if I told you that the best water in the world is free! And by the best I mean clean, pure, mineral rich, hydrogen rich, structured and completely radiation free.

Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not, and all you have to do is devote a little time and effort to finding a source and collecting it, yes I am talking about spring water.

As we all know, no matter how organically foods are grown they will always have some level of pollution/radiation on them from the air as it is always falling, including aluminium!?! (take a look at –‘What in the world are they spraying?’ Google video.) Daniel Vitalis conducted an experiment on water and discovered that it has no radiation at all! It genuinely is the only unpolluted substance left on earth, it would be the purest thing you will ever come into contact with in your lifetime, and you can be made of 50-60% of this. Why would you not want to experience that? If you have no idea where to find a spring try –, created by Daniel Vitalis. Some springs have great access for a car and others involve a hefty trek, so choose wisely and remember it’s not only the best water you can possibly drink but it’s also completely free!

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