Sunday, 27 May 2012

Outside The Box

Outside The Box

Now you have a good idea about good food and bad food, the importance of water, the amazing healing powers of food, superfoods, enzymatic/live/Raw food and an understanding of the concept – ‘You are what you’ve eaten.’

Now I would like to ‘step outside of the box a little.’ All of us know what being a vegetarian consists of, and most of us know what being a vegan consists of, but what about Raw vegan, fruitarian, juicarian and Breatharian? To follow is a small explanation to each.

Raw vegan – This is somebody who eats the vegan diet but does not heat the food above 44 degrees Celsius (this temperature varies a little between sources) in order to preserve all of the living enzymes. Somebody who has taken on this diet but eats Raw animal products/by-products, for example bee superfoods may still be referred to as a Raw foodie.

Fruitarian – This diet includes nothing but fruits. There are enough frutarians in the world right now living perfectly healthy and happy lives to say this diet really works. This is a high fibre, high nutrient diet.

Juicarian – This diet is similar to the fruitarian diet with the exception of fibre as all the fruit is usually pressed and juiced with the fibre stripped. This diet is all about the abundance of nutrients, a flood of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And because the fibre has been taken away these goodies are delivered to your cells in minutes. Juices from vegetables are included too, as is water and sometimes green tea.

Breatharian – now this one seems a little hard to take in but believe me the evidence is overwhelming, you can see it for yourself, just put the word ‘Breatharian’ into your favourite search engine. The Breatharian with the highest profile could possibly be Jericho Sunfire. This diet consists of no food or water, confused? Once the body has been through an enormous amount of changes it starts to produce its own water (although we absorb up to 1.5 litres of water a day through our skin, baths, showers, rain etc.) The body will take the energy from the sun’s rays, like a plant does. It sounds like a tail you would tell your grandchildren but like I said there is a lot of evidence, so you make your own mind up.

Whilst we’re outside the box I would like to mention a few supplements being promoted by David Wolfe. I will only list these few and leave the search to yourselves, or should I say ‘leave you to blow your own minds.’ Marine phytoplankton. MSM. DMSO. And one of the biggest discoveries of all time, even defying all science – ORMUS. All very easily found on Google. Enjoy!

We have been through a lot in previous articles; The concept of ‘you are what you’ve eaten’, nutritional cures for diabetes and cancer, good foods and bad foods, superfoods and the importance of good water. I hope this has given you a better understanding of ‘true health’.

So, you are what you eat, and now you know it. Good food is the most amazing thing, as it has the ability to build tissue, create energy, control moods and thoughts, make us immune to disease and connect us back to the earth again.

Let me leave you with something to think about. If what we take into our bodies is broken down and rebuilt into tissue, creating us, ‘you are what you’ve eaten,’ then a Raw vegan/foodie would be built from the most pure living plants and plant products on the planet . . . . . and a Breatharian. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . THE SUN!

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